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WizTree as software that is used to perform analysis on the storage space on a Windows computer or netbook. Storage space or in this case the hard disk is one of the necessary sides.

You will use it to store various files that you have. Of course, you want it to always perform well and you don't want the hard drive to experience problems that you don't expect. One of the steps is to do analysis on the hard drive by using WizTree.

The software will work very fast. Later you will see what the distribution in the storage room looks like. Through WizTree you can also find out if the file or files on your device are complete in size.

So you can find out which files are large that you may need to delete. WizTree will help you to reduce storage capacity. So, when you see a file that has a size and you need to delete it, that's why you just have to delete it.

Features and Benefits of WizTree

WizTree is software that works quickly in recognizing hard drives. The software supports hard drives that use the NTFS storage pattern. We know that NTFS is the most widely used storage pattern with all the advantages it has.

WizTree will read MFT or custom file tables directly. MFT is a hidden file that is exclusively used by the NTFS mechanism in finding all files or folders on a hard disk. There is a portable version so you don't have to go through the installation process to use WizTree.

In addition, WizTree is free software. You can download and use it without incurring any costs. This software is also light so it doesn't cause computer performance problems. WizTree has several features, including:

  • WizTree can analyze and display all the folders and files in the storage space
  • Through this software, you can also check which files or folders have large and small sizes. Then you just have to free up storage space by deleting them.
  • WizTree is available as a portable version so it doesn't require an installation process to use it
  • The WizTree software provides support for various storage pattern mechanisms. In addition to NTFS, this software works well on hard drives with FAT32, FAT patterns, and others

Download Latest WizTree

This is a description of the WizTree software. Now you can use it to help free up storage space. Just wait a few minutes until you can see which files or folders you need to delete important.

You can also find files or folders quickly through the search feature in the software. Download the latest and free WizTree via the following link:

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