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For those of you who use cellphones with IOS or iPhone operating mechanisms. Of course, you feel happy with the appearance of the interface which is popular, charming, and exclusive, but still gives a simple impression. IOS users feel happy with the security that Apple sells because IOS itself is rarely attacked by risky virus cases from the internet.

IOS users know that iPhone unit have non-expandable storage space, meaning you can't use internal storage like an SD card.

However, IOS offers a Cloud called iCloud to expand the storage you have. However, prices tend to be expensive and have a short period.

Unfortunately, the iPhone also does not have a feature that can connect program data and clear the cache that accumulates on Android. Until you have to uninstall the program first and reinstall it. Really troublesome right?

Now, iFreeUp is here to tackle the problem of full storage space. By using iFreeUp you can easily connect storage space and manage cache data efficiently.

Features and Benefits of iFreeUp

For those of you who have an iPhone device that has problems with storage space, now you don't need to worry. You don't need to uninstall the program because iFreeUp will automatically connect all cached data that is stored.

You also don't need to be afraid of privacy leaks, because all orders that have been carried out can be seen directly. iFreeUp can be connected to archive management, a list of deleted archives, to the cache data of all programs on the iPhone.

Interesting right? Well, here are some other interesting advantages of iFreeUp that are attractive for you below, one of which is as follows:

Release the Room

If you have full storage space, caused by program data. iFreeUp allows you to free up space by clearing various program cache data on your iPhone.

Interestingly, iFreeUp does not take the program, you can also log in with the login activity that was saved initially.

Data Transfer/Back-up

You can easily save all the data that is on your iPhone to your PC. The intended data is data such as audio, video, and images. You can select all archives and back them up quickly.

Simple UI

iFreeUp is equipped with a simple appearance, it doesn't bother you in using it, especially for those of you who are using iFreeUp for the first time. The performance of iFreeUp is strong because it has a smaller size.

Easy and Free Access

iFreeUp you can easily access and take only on our website. You can use all the good features that iFreeUp sell for free, aka no subscription fees.


iFreeUp provides support so that it can be operated on all types of PCs with Windows operating mechanisms, including Windows 7, 8, to 10. So, not only can be used by Mac users only.

Download Latest iFreeUp

Therefore, iFreeUp comes as a solution for those of you who have full storage space on the iPhone mobile device. Using iFreeUp, you can easily delete junk files and free up space. Download the latest and free iFreeUp for Windows via the link below:

Download Here
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