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Just as we know, today there are many types of viruses that still pose a threat to PCs and other devices. Usually, we recognize several kinds of viruses such as Spyware, Malware, Ransomware, Keyloggers, and some viruses such as Trojans.

However, apparently, this is only a small number, there are many types of viruses that always continue to threaten us in using the internet. Some of these viruses are often used to enter computer systems and are controlled remotely.

This must be really risky because, in fact, we can't know how this virus got in. After all, it's hard to identify. The name of this virus is Rootkit, which will attack the computer in the form of software.

A rootkit is a virus that can hide archives, hide processes, to destroy data mechanisms by way of computer mechanisms in the background. Really risky right?

But you don't need to worry, because now you can use the aswMBR service to contain and remove this type of virus easily, with just a few clicks.

Features and Advantages of aswMBR

aswMBR itself is a program that is planned to be used to detect the presence of a Rootkit virus. By using this aswMBR service, you will have no difficulty in finding out the Rootkit virus.

aswMBR is equipped with the power to remove several other types of Rootkit viruses, such as TDL4/3, Whisler, and MBRoot. Then, you will get more than one concentration of virus removal on computer devices.

For those of you who want to use the aswMBR service, here are many other interesting advantages of aswMBR that are interesting to review. Read below:

Classic UI

aswMBR has a classic intuitive appearance, even if you see the appearance of aswMBR is similar when we connect CMD. However, there are indeed some differences such as virus info and some virus removal options.


aswMBR is equipped with a scanning feature, which is one of the features that must be in every antivirus software. With this feature, you will of course be facilitated with a more sophisticated virus detection tool.

Easy and Free Access

aswMBR itself you can easily get, you can immediately pick it up on our web for free. Besides that, you can use all the features in aswMBR for free without a subscription fee.

High Performance

In the latest version, aswMBR comes with higher performance, it can scan for viruses to the deepest part of the computer. aswMBR can scan up to Local C storage.

Download aswMBR Latest

The onslaught of the Rootkit virus is indeed unexpected, we often enter the computer without us knowing it when we take the software on the internet. By using the aswMBR service, you don't have to worry about the dangers of this virus again. Download the latest and free aswMBR for Windows via the link below:

Download Here
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