Alternative Imacros For Chrome And Firefox

Alternative imacros for chrome and firefox - Many review Imacros Alternative but only in writing and no examples or proofs are provided, but this time I will recommend the best alternative imacros extension along with a script that you can use for free, namely UI.Vision RPA

About UI.Vision RPA

Universal AI-powered tasks and UI test automation. RPA combines Visual Web Automation, Visual Desktop Automation, and Selenium IDE++.

The combination of classic browser automation with modern computer vision makes UI. Vision RPA software (formerly Kantu) is a powerful and popular solution for automating web and desktop applications. The UI.Vision RPA software combines three robotic process automation (RPA) tools into one:

Visual Browser Automation and UI Testing

The visual UI test commands from UI Vision help web designers and developers verify and validate website layouts and canvas elements. UI Vision can read and recognize images and text within the canvas, image, and video elements.

UI Vision can resize browser windows to emulate various resolutions. This is especially useful for testing layouts on different browser resolutions, and for visually validating flawless mobile, web, and native apps.

Visual Desktop Automation for Windows, Mac, and Linux

UI Vision can't just see and automate everything inside a web browser. It uses image and text recognition to automate your desktop as well (Robotic Process Automation, RPA). UI Vision can read images and text on your desktop and click, move, drag & drop the mouse and simulate keyboard input.

Desktop automation features require the free UI Vision XModules to be installed. It is a separate software package available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It adds "eyes" and "hands" to UI Vision.

Selenium IDE++

UI Vision includes Selenium commands for general web automation, web testing, form filling & web scraping. But Kantu has a different design philosophy to the classic Selenium IDE. On the one hand, it's a recording & playback tool for automated testing like the classic Selenium IDE, but more than that, it's a "swiss army knife" for general web automation like screen scraping, auto file uploading, and autofill form filling. It has a lot of features that classic IDEs don't (want to) have. For example, you can run macros directly from the browser as bookmarks or even embed them on your website. If there's an activity you have to do over and over again, just create a web macro. The next time you need to, the entire macro will run with the click of a button and do the work for you.

UI Vision RPA is intended as an Open-Source alternative to iMacros, UIPath, and Selenium IDE, and supports all essential Selenium IDE commands. When you invest time learning UI Vision RPA, you also learn Selenium IDE.

UI Vision includes many features not found in the classic Selenium IDE, such as the ability to write and read CSV (data-driven tests) files, visual checks for UI tests, image comparison, file download automation, screen scraping OCR, test PDFs, and the ability to retrieve the full web page and desktop screenshot.

How to install UI.Vision RPA


How to install UI. Vision RPA is very easy for chrome to go to the Chrome Web Store and search for UI. Vision RPA or directly use the link below

UI.Vision RPA Chrome

There are no special settings that can be done in chrome, it's just that you need to add the Open link in the same tab extension, pop-up as tab [Free] so that pop-ups open in tabs

Open link in the same tab


How to install UI. Vision RPA on firefox, Just like chrome to install UI.Vision RPA on firefox you just go to the Mozilla addon and search for UI. Vision RPA then install it, Or you can go directly to the link below

UI.Vision RPA Firefox

Firefox pop-up settings

For setting firefox so that pop-ups open in tabs, follow these steps

  • To force popups opening in a new tab instead enter about:config into the firefox address bar (confirm the info message in case it shows up)
  • Search for the preference named double-click it and change its value to 0

Example UI.Vision RPA Script

According to the UI. Vision RPA functions as the best imacros alternative because it can perform tasks automatically continuously, here are some scripts that prepared

UI.Vision RPA Like4Like Bot

for others site in progress

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