Tutorial How To Apply Github Student Developer Pack

The GitHub Student Developer Pack is a service from GitHub for students that give it the benefit of free access to program subscriptions that should be paid for for a certain period of time.

This program aims to provide the best tools for developers that should be paid for but have been made free for a while by GitHub for students.

The tools provided are also not half-hearted, such as Github Premium, credit to Digital Ocean, Travis, AWS, Bitnami, Microsoft Imagine, and many others. Nice isn't it? Therefore, you really need to take advantage of this cool facility so that your productivity and skills increase!


  • Still registered as an active student
  • Age more than 13 years.
  • Have EDU Student E-mail

The instant step for registering GitHub student developer pack applies to those who have edu e-mail but not all edu e-mail can be direct, akuh.net has shared an edu email list that can get All Student E-mail Benefits

If your e-mail is listed on the list you can take advantage of all student e-mail benefits

Edu E-mail Lists That Can Get Benefit

Steps to Register for GitHub Student Developer Pack

Login E-mail Edu

Go to GitHub site

Register To GitHub site

Email confirmation

Registering the Student Developer Pack

If the edu e-mail you have is included in the list, you don't have to wait to be received, you can immediately get the Student Developer Pack at that time

If your student's e-mail is not listed on the list, you need to submit it to GitHub for evaluation, the process takes 10 to 10 minutes

After successfully registered, marked with GitHub pro in your profile, you continue by changing your main email from... @..edu to your own email, you can Gmail, outlook, yahoo, and others

Then confirm the main email that was just changed

After that delete the edu email in the settings

Congratulations on getting Github pro and Github Student Developer Pack

Advantages of Student Developer Pack

Canva Pro one year

DigitalOcean Credit $100

Free domain.me and one year free SSL Certificate from NameCheap

One year free domain.tech from get.Tech

Free domain from Name.com (.rocks,.e-mail,.studio,.live,.ninja)

Free access to 25+ Microsoft Azure cloud services and $100 Azure credit

Bootstrap Studio free license

Iconscout (take 60 premium icons/month for 1 year)

DataDog Pro for two years

GitHub Pro is free when you're a student

Get six months of free 60+ training covering the same topics you want like Site Improvement, Python, Java and Machine Evaluation from educative

Three months free private subscription to Datacamp

And there are many returns that you can get

For more details on the How To Apply Github Student Developer Pack Guide, you can watch the following video which Akuh.net prepared

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This tutorial is for educational purposes only

Video Tutorial

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