Understanding the KLOCKENBERG Keyboard

When we hear the word keyboard, what comes to our mind is a whiteboard that has a lot of buttons. The keyboard has become one of the elements on a computer, netbook, or cellphone.

The keyboard is a necessary hardware or hardware element. The role of the keyboard is to enter numbers, letters, or certain commands.

Today, there are several types of keyboards in the world. Chances are we only recognize the QWERTY keyboard. Although in fact there are still other types of keyboards. One type of keyboard is the KLOCKENBERG keyboard. Information about the KLOCKENBERG keyboard will be explained below.

Understanding the KLOCKENBERG Keyboard

It is possible that you are not very familiar with the KLOCKENBERG keyboard. This is normal because we have been trained to use a QWERTY keyboard for various writing activities.

The KLOCKENBERG keyboard is a type of keyboard that when made with a direction to reduces muscle load. One of the things that makes this keyboard unique and different from other keyboards is its shape. The KLOCKENBERG keyboard is divided into two sides.

The point is to be able to reduce the burden on your fingers and arms when writing. This keyboard design is considered to be able to make the status of the hands and shoulders lighter. Thus, the writing process becomes more comfortable and smoother even if you have to write for a long time.

KLOCKENBERG History Keyboard

The KLOCKENBERG keyboard is designed with a direction to be able to improve the type of keyboard that already existed. The trick is to do a split on the two sides of the keyboard, namely the left and right sides. The two sides are separated using a 15-degree angle and made to tilt downwards.

In addition, if you see if the location of some of the keys on the KLOCKENBERG keyboard is made closer or thinner to the workbench. This is claimed to be able to give him comfort throughout the writing.

As for the appearance of the KLOCKENBERG keyboard, it is indeed quite funny. This is because the two sides of the keyboard are separate. In contrast to the keyboard in general which is called one side. However, the KLOCKENBERG keyboard is considered to be better at reducing the burden on the fingers and arms.

Although the KLOCKENBERG keyboard came up with directions to improve the use of existing keyboards, the QWERTY keyboard is still the legal keyboard today. This is still the decision of the United States to use the QWERTY keyboard type. The decision was in the Standards Institute in 1978 and through ISO in 1971. The decision was actually based on economic problems.

The aim of the decision was to reduce training costs when it came to learning and using the KLOCKENBERG keyboard. Therefore, the use of the QWERTY keyboard is still special. In fact, for all types of devices that use a keyboard, of course, the keyboard used is a QWERTY type, except that there may be certain conditions that require using another type of keyboard.

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