Turn Android into a Webcam for Virtual Meetings

Turn Android into a Webcam for Virtual Meetings - Recently, video meetings have become a new routine in the workplace. So that the quality of your video meeting is better, sometimes you need a program to convert your cellphone into a webcam for your netbook.

Indeed, online meetings on HP can be held. However, if you all have to read the presentation shown, you may have trouble.

The HP monitor that leans a little will bother you knowing the reviews that are presented.

The problem is, most netbooks have low-quality webcam cameras.

This makes the meeting less happy and makes it difficult for other participants to see your performance.

Turn Android into a Webcam for Virtual Meetings

Fortunately, there is a program that can turn your cellphone into a webcam, so you can watch presentations clearly, and your video looks better.

Then, what is the HP program to become a webcam?


The program to turn your cellphone into a webcam for the first time that you can use is ivCam. By using a Wi-Fi network, this program can turn your cellphone into a webcam.

Of course, you must also install this program on your PC.

It's not enough with a Wi-Fi network, you can also connect it via a USB cable. This program can be used by Android and iOS users.

In fact, this program can also be used to turn your tablet into a webcam for your meetings.


Then, the program that you can use to turn your phone into a webcam is EpocCam.

With almost similar roles and features, EpocCam is an alternative. This is especially true if you are a macOS user.

This program can provide support for various operating mechanisms such as Android and iOS on mobile phones, and Windows and macOS for PCs or Netbooks.


Furthermore, there is a Droidcam that can turn a cellphone into a webcam for various purposes.

This program can be said to have been developed for quite a long time so that it has an interface that is relatively not as good as other programs.

However, this program has features that can beautify your performance. Setting up the network is also quite easy, you can use a Wi-Fi or USB network.

IP Webcam

The last program in this list that you can use to turn your phone into a webcam is IPWebcam.

Similar to Droidcam, this program has been in development for quite a long time, so that the appearance of the interface does not look as new as other programs.

However, this program can still function as it should. You can use this program as an alternative to existing programs.

Antique, IPWebcam can be used to connect Android phones to netbooks with Linux operating system.

Steps to Connect

While there are many different types of programs you can use, some of them have a similar way of connecting them.

Citing to Wired, you need to install the program on your phone and PC.

If both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can immediately use your phone as a webcam.

However, if you want to use USB, you can select the USB option in the program installed on the PC.

Next, you can connect your cellphone via USB to your PC.

Then, in your online meeting programs such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype, you can change the camera settings to a cellphone camera.

In addition to using a variety of programs just now, so that your appearance is more quality you need other equipment.

One of the things you need is a tripod so that you are more comfortable using your cellphone as a webcam.

That's information about Turn Android into a Webcam for Virtual Meetings that Akuh.net has collected especially for you.

Hopefully, some of these tips can make it easier for you when you have to conduct online meetings using individual cellphones.

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