Typing with One-Handed Keyboard

Typing with One-Handed Keyboard - Today there are probably many who do not understand some types of keyboards. We have been trained to use the QWERTY keyboard because this type of keyboard is really famous.

Although there are actually many other types of keyboards that come with their own advantages. One of them is the One-Handed keyboard which we will explain below.

Typing with One-Handed Keyboard

Recognizing One-Handed Keyboard

Is it a One-Handed keyboard? This type of keyboard is actually not too familiar to the ears of Indonesian citizens. One-Handed Keyboard as a one-handed keyboard. This type of keyboard is generally used by some gamers. One of the advantages offered by this keyboard is that it has a good writing response. Besides that, the One-Handed keyboard doesn't take up much space.

Along with the development of technology, apparently, the One-Handed keyboard is not only used by some gamers. Now, this type of One-Handed Keyboard has arrived on iPhone devices with iOS operating mechanisms. You can read the complete information in the following description.

One-Handed Keyboard Feature on iOS 11 Currently, Apple through iOS 11 has included the latest features for the iPhone. That feature is the presence of a One-Handed keyboard. One of the reasons why this keyboard was brought in is to give it relief for some iPhone users when they want to write.

This is because the latest iPhone monitors have a fairly large size, starting from 4.7 to 5.5 inches. So, when you use a One-Handed keyboard, you, therefore, need to use one hand.

A feature that is most useful when in certain circumstances you cannot write with both hands. Therefore, you can use the One-Handed keyboard. However, to use it, you must activate the feature first.

Steps to Activate the One-Handed Keyboard Feature

So how do you activate the One-Handed Keyboard feature? You need to recognize that there are iPhone devices that require you to turn off the Display Zoom feature to use the One-Handed Keyboard.

The trick goes to Settings - Display and Brightness - View. But there are also iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and the latest releases that can use this feature even if you don't turn off the Display Zoom model.

At that time, the steps to activate the One-Handed keyboard feature were as follows:

  • Make sure you are using an iPhone with iOS 11
  • Open the keyboard. Next, please suppress the globe icon or Emoji. Then, you just select the One-Handed Keyboard feature. You just have to choose whether you want to use the One-Handed keyboard which tends to the right or to the left. Match your needs
  • If you want to use a normal keyboard, just choose a globe patterned icon or Emoji. Then you specify a keyboard with a normal model
  • At that time, for those of you who want to use the One-Handed keyboard by default, then the way you need to do is go to Settings - General - Keyboards - One-Handed Keyboard. After you activate the One-Handed keyboard and set the keyboard layout as you wish

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