Mcafee Antivirus For Windows 7

Mcafee Antivirus For Windows 7 - McAfee is the most recognizable name in the antivirus community but is usually recognized as a mid-range antivirus. However, over the years, the company separated from Intel, then designed the interface, and has become one of the most powerful antiviruses, along with other industry giants such as Norton and Kaspersky.

Mcafee Antivirus For Windows 7

I am impressed to say that McAfee is a powerful antivirus that blocks 100% of malware attacks in real time. The app is easy to use, and in particular, I like the True Key password manager and parental guide. While I'm sad that McAfee doesn't have the extra features that Norton 360 or TotalAV have, this antivirus offers the most affordable prices in the early years.

McAfee Security Features

McAfee Total Protection provides protection from viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware, and keeps you safe from vulnerable or vulnerable websites.

Fending off the onslaught of zero-day malware, Total Protection was 99% successful at detecting and resisting attacks. This is the same with well-known brands like Avast and Bitdefender. When I tested Total Protection against other examples of malware types, it scored 100% excellently.

And while McAfee's score is better now than it was a few years ago, Norton 360's score is still better overall.

Even so, Total Protection provides various features, ranging from prevention to permanent file removal and so on, including:

  • PC performance optimization.
  • Encrypted storage (128-bit encryption).
  • Home Network Security (firewall).
  • Password manager.
  • Multi-device compatibility.

Many of these features, such as password management, extended safe search, and PC performance optimization, are nothing special. Some of the features are the same as in other antivirus software such as TotalAV.

But if you're looking for an in-depth antivirus, at an affordable price — cheaper than many premium antiviruses like BullGuard and AVG — McAfee is an accurate option.

Installing McAfee Total Protection

This installation process can be carried out in two steps. The first step is to take a free trial first via the website McAfee if you want to go first for free. If you already have an activation code, then you can activate it via the link then take it and install it. Download option is not available for some areas, we also decided on Singapore. The installation process is carried out according to the tutorial until it is finished and runs smoothly and easily.

Design McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection still has the same basic design as the previous year's McAfee products. The upper side of the program's menu displays tabs with several special functions. The tabs include Home to return to the home page, PC Security, PC Performance, My Privacy, and My Information. On the left of the Home menu, there is a list of devices that have been installed using a similar McAfee Total Protection account.

Moving to the middle of the Home menu, you can see an offer to manage passwords. Just log in once to True Key and can log in anywhere automatically. If you want to use this feature, then you are directed to the browser to add the feature to the browser. After rejecting or accepting the offer, the middle side will display the latest status of McAfee Total Protection. The special room for this menu feels quite large, the animations also make this program feel quite sluggish.

The appearance of McAfee Total Protection's interface is quite attractive, but sometimes switching between menus feels quite heavy. When do. The execution of the command also feels like it takes a long time to do that, some of the functions that are served are quite complete. On the Home page, you can see the roles of Scan for viruses, Remove cookies and trekkers, Speed ​​up apps, and Browse safely with VPN. Yok read each feature one by one.

Appeasement Virus

McAfee Total Protection offers two types of virus protection:

  • Quick scan
  • Full scan
  • To run Quick Scan on an old computer, took me 20 minutes, and enjoyed more than 12,000 files. Honestly, 20 minutes is quite long for a "quick acknowledgment". I have a newer computer, and it has less than 6,000 files in 5 minutes. The result is better, although only 1/2 the number of files initially.
  • Like Quick Scan, I run Full Scan on two computers. Old computers take almost 20 hours to open, a really long time. But a full scan on a new computer only takes an hour. Although the amount of time is more logical, the duration of the 2nd time is still longer than some other antiviruses such as Bitdefender and Avira.
  • Something I quickly recognized when using McAfee — it provides all the useful info in a pop-up form. For example, if you want to know which files were scanned or see which files were followed as interesting, you will get all that info in a pop-up. It's not a big deal, but I find it quite annoying.
  • You can see a bit of info in a small notification window on the McAfee dashboard. I personally prefer it when this info is shown on the dashboard rather than in a pop-up window or small box, but not a big deal.
  • After the scan is complete, you can see how many files were scanned, problems found, and what affected files were deleted. I wasn't given the option of quarantining or checking which files were affected — Total Protection just deleted them. If you're not looking at the recorded files, this isn't a problem for you. But if you want to be more organized, other programs like Malwarebytes allow you to delete, or delete files.
  • You can view your complete approval report via the Security Report feature.
  • Overall, the 2nd Quick Scan and Full Scan work as they should, although I feel the scanning engine is really slow compared to other antiviruses such as TotalAV and Norton. I personally prefer it if the approval details are listed on the dashboard when the approval is executed, but then again, many people may not care. I wish there was an option to delete or delete the problematic file after approval, not just delete it automatically. But again, for a lot of people, that's probably not too much of a problem.

Vulnerability Scanner — Keep Programs Up-to-date

Outdated software is a particular security risk, so Vulnerability Scanner is an excellent addition to the Total Protection package. It searches all the programs and software that is out of time on my computer. McAfee will run the Liability Scanner automatically on a specific date or you can set an agenda and run it weekly, weekly, or monthly.

For me, Vulnerability Scanner took less than 10 minutes to complete. It shows how many were found, followed by how important they were for the program. In my case, my Adobe Reader needed a "crisis" fix because, based on McAfee's rating mechanism, the liability was deemed "high".

One problem for me is that it doesn't mention "Vulnerability Scanner" in the Total Protection dashboard. It is labeled "Fix my program". This is not a big problem, but it can give rise to ignorance. If you see "Vulnerability Scanner", you don't.

Overall, it's a useful little feature. If you ever forget an old program, Vulnerability Scanner will find it and fight it for you.

QuickClean — Delete Unnecessary Files

The QuickClean feature deletes all unwanted cookies and temporary files from my browser.

Before clicking Clean, I choose which file mechanism will be checked or maybe not. One of them is cookies and files in the browser I have installed and files in an e-mail.

While watching, I can "Hide" permissions and force my permission before deleting any files. I had the option of telling him to immediately clear points, but I didn't want to.

Little can be said about this tool. It works as it should. In less than a minute, it had 4.4 GB of my computer. I got the full details here — McAfee info was to delete files, how many to delete, and which files to decide not to delete.

Similar to the Vulnerability Scanner, QuickClean can also be obtained initially. Again, annoyingly, it's not labeled "QuickClean" in the Total Protection dashboard — it's in "Remove cookies and trekkers".

App Boost and McAfee Boost Site — Creating Programs and Browsing Fast Walk

On the PC Performance tab, McAfee provides two tools to improve computer performance:

  • Program Increase
  • McAfee Site Hike
  • Once turned on, App Boost Recognizes programs that may need a boost and gives them extra capabilities. This should help the program to launch faster or work faster.
  • McAfee Site Boost will play videos that play automatically in your browser, so you can find browsing and save battery. Obviously, neither of these two features can improve security, and your experience will vary depending on how much impact it has on programs and battery life.
  • I don't see any discrepancies on my computer from App Boost or Site Boost. For example, even though Firefox got "99 boosts" over 48 hours, I didn't see any significant shift in search.
  • Apart from that, the App Boost feature only works in Windows 10, but just like I said, the older version of Windows is a bit behind.
  • There's nothing wrong with enabling the PC Performance feature (which is, by default, off) but shouldn't expect any significant performance shifts.

Code Word Manager (True Key)

McAfee has worked with True Key to set up a password manager for each Total Protection subscription plan. True Key runs on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

To activate the included True Key subscription, open the My Privacy tab then click "Manage passwords".

Next, you will be taken to the True Key info page where you can set up an account and create a Custom Codeword — a password that will allow you to connect to a True Key account.

You can log in via Custom Codewords and multi-factor authentication options such as program authentication or fingerprinting (iOS and Android devices only). True Key works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer extensions.

The password manager is equipped with several features, including:

  • autofill
  • Password generator
  • Digital Wallet
  • Safe Note

It can be synchronized across multiple devices, can store passwords locally, and uses the "strongest encryption" the so-called AES 256-bit encryption standard. Make sure it's strong and standard on most password managers including Dashlane, Keeper, and 1Password.

True Key is simple and easy to use. You can easily see which site logins you have added to the dashboard.

Unlike many password managers, True Key lets you change Custom Codewords as often as you wish. If you don't like your Custom Codeword, you can swap it for a new one while you're logged in.

And you can add other e-mail addresses and other tools to keep your account secure.

One annoying thing about the True Key password manager at McAfee is that it is limited to 15 logins before you have to pay to upgrade. Even if it's "included" in the Total Protection plan, you can't use more than 15 logins. That's too late! Even Dashlane Free provides 50 logins. And WordPress provides unlimited login on its free plan (only on one device). This is a terrible offer from McAfee and True Key.

Overall, it's a simple password manager and doesn't have any particular conspicuous features, but since it's included with the Total Protection subscription, it's worth using if you don't already have a password manager.

But I didn't take the Total Protection package just for this feature. I don't want to do it after you pay for a True Key premium 15 account login. If you want an antivirus with a good password manager, Norton 360 has a better deal for you. But you should still use a separate password manager — like Dashlane or 1Password.

McAfee WebAdvisor

McAfee WebAdvisor should help you avoid risky websites and your time before taking on the ones that apply. But I'm having some problems with it. The first problem is that it only runs on Mcafee Free Antivirus For Windows 10.

While on the Total Protection dashboard, you can click the "Protect me on the site" button. You will be directed to an instruction page that explains what WebAdvisor is. I don't understand why he has to take you off the dashboard just to explain… but okay.

My problem is actually the landing page. It does not direct you to take the WebAdvisor browser extension. The download is on another completely different page. It's the least intuitive UX.

You don't even need a Total Protection subscription to take advantage of this, so as long as an extension is included, anyone can take it.

After installing and activating the extension, I did a quick search (with the keyword "hair") to see how well this tool worked. I've seen several websites have a green lock icon and a "McAfee SECURE" badge attached to the title of the article.

With the mouse pointer hovering over the badge, I saw more info about the link, including what the link is and how often McAfee tests it to see who is testing.

However, after rolling the mouse a bit again, I noticed that no other website had this badge on it.

I tried another search (with the keyword "cat"). The Wikipedia and Petco websites bear the McAfee badge, but again, the others don't. Search for websites that McAfee is looking for and agreed upon are limited in number. This doesn't show other links are risky, proof that McAfee doesn't have some articles in the repository but renders this useless.

I also don't like how the Site Advisor add-on doesn't specify requirements regarding which sites earn badges and which don't (even if the sites are secure).

Overall, I'm sad about the Advisor Site. It seems relatively useless, especially since the majority of search keywords only appear on 2 of the first 15 sites.

Identity Theft Protection (US Only)

Loyal US consumers get the added benefit of Identity Theft Protection and dark site surveillance added to their Multi-Device or Household plans.

Dark site surveillance McAfee searches through dark sites to see if your sensitive information has been hacked or leaked. McAfee checks dark sites regarding:

  • Email address
  • Clinical ID
  • Social Collateral Number
  • Bank account
  • telephone number
  • Credit/debit card
  • SIM
  • passport

I entered an e-mail address into the Identity Theft Protection portal, and it said one of my e-mail addresses was listed in 4 separate places on the dark site!

Luckily none of that information would have resulted in my account being hacked (there was one temporary password leaked), but I like how quickly McAfee was able to spot the leaked info on a dark site.

McAfee is currently continuing to make a dark site regarding my data, if there is something certain, I will be sent an e-mail immediately.

  • McAfee Packages and Prices
  • McAfee Total Protection comes in three plans. All 3 are equipped with similar features, namely:
  • Real-time protection
  • Firewall
  • File encryption tool
  • Site Advisor
  • Program Increase

You can install Total Protection on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. The difference between the 3 packages is the number of devices on which you can install Total Protection:

  • Personal: 1 device
  • Multi-Device: 5 devices
  • Household: 10 devices

For one device, the Individual price is sufficient. It fits with Norton's most basic 360 plan in its early years, and you get a good variety of features.

When it's time to activate, Total Protection's "Individual" price spikes, but I don't want to explain it's worth it — almost 2x the price after going through the initial year. Still cheaper than Kaspersky or TotalAV add-on packages, but you get less in terms of additional features from McAfee.

However, the HouseholdDevice plan is worth the price — the extra costs are minimal, and it contains all the features included in the Multi-vice plan.

There is no free plan, but a 30-day trial is set up. If you use the experiment, you use the 10 device plan for that month. You don't need your credit card info to register, and that's great.

This is really the best way to try because you can find out if you like the software before you update it. If you like it, you get a month for free!

Regarding money, you can also request a full fund contribution within 30 days of buying a subscription package, or within 60 days automatically when you have been a subscription for a year or more.

Ease of Use and McAfee Setup

Total Protection installation went fast, For me, it only took less than 10 minutes.

After I entered the dashboard, it is quite easy to use. You can easily see a lot of offers but sometimes find special tools.

McAfee's handling of the info is a bit odd. It doesn't give a title to everything — Vulnerability Scanner is called "Up-date my apps" in the "PC Security" tab. But I like it because after clicking, this feature is explained in more detail.

Quite annoying, the majority of the info is tucked away in the gear icon at the top right of the dashboard.

Here are all the settings for Firewall, Planned blocking, Anti-Spam, and so on. I recommend checking these settings one by one to adjust.

For example, I've found that a planned shutdown is set to start at 4 or 5 in the morning — this doesn't concern me since my computer shuts down at those hours. If I didn't check it, I'd see that this permission is not active, it's not like that. I've never been asked to agree to or change a scheduled approval time, so if I didn't check this I wouldn't know.

My particular gripe is regarding the pop-ups. the majority of the details McAfee provides appear in a pop-up window. For example, when I use the shutdown feature, I have to click "run" on the pop-up. As well as Password Manager, File Shredder, and File Lock to secure important files.

This is just an individual option, and I know the majority of people prefer pop-ups, but for me, it's not like that.

McAfee Mobile Program

Mobile walking program on iOS and Android devices. You can grab the program from the App or Play Store, or connect it directly via the dashboard on your computer by clicking Protect more devices.

The best thing about the mobile program is that it offers real-time protection. It performs quite well. The program instantly caught any malware I tried to pick up.

You can also connect your phone by pressing the big fortress on the top of the screen that has "Scan". It checks to make sure that your files, programs, and Wi-Fi are safe. You can also clean up your device's storage, increase memory, and view reports on your connections and data.

The approval was easy and fast — took about a minute, and I can see what files were scanned above. I didn't see any performance issues when it was implemented.

By clicking on the three lines in the top right corner (settings), you can immediately connect more features, such as Battery Booster under "Performance", "Guest Model", and the ability to track your data usage.

Similar to Kaspersky's mobile program, the Anti-Theft feature allows you to remotely secure and wipe data if your device is stolen. And like the Kaspersky program, there is a "Thief Cam" feature, which allows you to take pictures of the person who took your cellphone, using the front camera. This is better than some antivirus programs — such as AV — that don't have this feature.

Overall, the program runs smoothly without the benefit of my cell phone. The interface is quite chaotic, but it has a lot of features, so I can't really complain.

McAfee loyal customer support

McAfee provides all support:

  • Phone
  • Live Conversation
  • FAQ
  • Commune community

Telephone and live chat available 24 hours 7 days for English conversation. Depending on your language, the face-to-face conversation may not provide support, and working hours for telephone support will vary.

Generally, you can get a support team member in just a few moments, but it may take longer depending on the hours of the day. If this happens, a banner will be shown at the top of the McAfee support telling the user about the strength of the long wait time.

Prepared based on information that explains many of the typical issues around technical support. Unfortunately, the arrangement of some of these articles does not meet. There are a few hundred to choose from, but you'll have to trust the search bar and scroll until the answer is found. In addition, support for detailed articles of sympathizers, articles are not supported by videos or images.

The community is quite active. Some people ask and other community members can answer. One amazing thing is that this community exists in various languages, including Arabic, Italian, and Spanish.

You can also use Virtual Mechanics to analyze and fix technical problems — it's not perfect, but it's helpful for simple questions. Or if you're not at a computer, you can use Techmaster — and its mid-level paid services — to help solve the problem.

Overall, McAfee's Total Protection support options are excellent — you can get everything from phone conversations to virtual companions. I wish the knowledge base contained more pictures and videos — it's easier to solve problems because there are visual tutorials.

McAfee Antivirus Option Products

at least, there are 2 products from McAfee antivirus that you can determine.

McAfee Internet Security

It is a combination of antivirus products with protection that can prevent all viruses, ransomware, and all terrors on a PC. Multidevice protection and suitable for all devices, including Windows Pc, MAC, and mobile phones (iOS and Android)

Now comes with ransom guard, PC Boost, Site Boost, Safe Site Searching, Anti Theft Protection, and Password Manager for device security.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is not only anti-virus but as a complete protection solution. Protection is not only given to the device but also includes several things. This product can protect individual information, privacy, Wi-Fi networks and help carry out online activities safely. Devices that can use McAfee Total Protection are those that use the following operating mechanism:

  • Windows 7 SP1 and above
  • Antivirus For Pc
  • Mac OS X and two versus the beginning
  • Android 4.1 and above
  • iOS versus now and 2 originally.

In the product we are reviewing, the license can be used for five devices with a year-long subscription. The price of this product for five devices is $ 99.99, while for one device $ 69.99. This not too big difference makes it cheaper to buy versus five devices.


Guys, actually automatically, we become actors carrying viruses! Try to remember our attitude every day in using the computer how. Maybe you like opening porn sites or streaming pirated movies, maybe plugging in flash drives often, maybe using public Wi-Fi that isn't gated. Hey lol!

Therefore, try to apply these best practices to prevent the entry of some unwanted viruses:

Backup Our Important Data!

One of the ways to deal with ransomware by paying payments to hackers is an inefficient way. So, make sure we always back up some key data on a gated external hard drive or cloud drive.

Always improve software

It's possible that some of the readers still remember the recently hacked Wannac type ransomware. Therefore, we must be diligent in updating periodically so that the software is safe and does not have to be interrupted by ransomware.

See where we click

Ransomware attacks can be through various types of media such as fake advertisements, e-mail links, or even SMS. Standby, this does not need to be addressed. What more if the source is not bright.

Always on standby

Cybercrime always has new ways to cheat. We always update the latest ransomware attacks and steps to avoid them. Generally, sich, yes, ransomware attacks several business companies. But this doesn't mean some of our important data inside the house is safe.


Is there a free versus McAfee?

While there is no free version, you can use McAfee Total Protection for free for 30 days. This is a free 30-day trial and you don't have to provide him with any payment information. In addition, you continue to use Total Protection with a money-back guarantee after the experiment period is over. For me, processing my funds is also easy - I need to contact the loyal customer support team to ask for a full fund reconciliation.

Does McAfee provide malware protection?

Yes, McAfee Total Protection builds your protection against malware. This protection includes viruses, ransomware, spyware, phishing scams, and more. In my tests, McAfee recognized and blocked 100% of all new and existing terrors in real-time.

Does McAfee play on Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android?

Yes, McAfee has special programs for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices. McAfee is planned specifically for Windows, with lots of reconciling options. You can customize antivirus protection, maximize device performance, and create sensitive data protection. McAfee offers a 100% malware diagnosis rate on Windows, which is an amazing tool.

The McAfee program on Mac is robust, offering robust protection against ransomware and zero-day malware attacks specifically targeting Mac devices. If you're looking for an antivirus package with premium features for Mac, I recommend trying Norton risk-free. Norton offers a password manager, VPN, parental guide, and up to 50 GB of cloud storage for your sensitive files and documents.

Programs on iOS and Android offer strong security for your mobile device. The mobile program does not offer real-time protection but is equipped with a variety of security features including security bypass (which checks your files and WiFi for viruses), VPN, and safe site searching.


McAfee Total Protection offers a variety of security solutions that focus on personal data security. In addition to the basic role of anti-virus that provides real-time protection from viruses and malware, web advisors play an active role in alerting when a website is at risk. Meanwhile, Manage Candids is supported by True Key technology which ensures secure passwords and makes it easier to use passwords that are difficult to cross devices. VPNs and McAfee Vaults are added fun roles that don't require a lot of programs to use some of those functions.

The weakness of this program is the appearance of the interface with too much space for status and notifications that are too 'chatty. Although it is actually more comfortable if the room for some of its features is widened. Functions also appear repeatedly on the home page and other tabs. The interface on Total Protection tends to be less user-friendly. Some of the functions on the "PC Performance" tab also feel like just a gimmick with no real performance being felt.

McAfee Total Protection for macOS should be upgraded so that it's even more upgraded for macOS not a ported appearance from the Windows version. The availability of this program which is peddled across the bases is also apparently not the same. Several features in iOS that use the iPad also seem not as good as in Windows. However, McAfee provides a complete solution for those who don't want to bother with multiple programs.

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