Free RDP Google Colaboratory

Free RDP Windows Google Colaboratory - Google Colab (or simply Colab) is a product of Google Research. Colab is an executable document, which you can use to write, save, and share programs that you have written via Google Drive. If you are familiar with Jupyter Notebook, then Colab can be said as a Notebook that is stored on Google Drive. If you've never tried Jupyter Notebook before then Google Colab is the place where you can make things including free RDP

Colab is a cloud-based runtime, which is run using a browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). Colab allows you to run Python code without the need for installation and other settings on your personal computer. Everything will be submitted to the cloud. We can also use various functionality that is owned by Python and take advantage of the built-in library provided by Colab. For example, if we want to create a data visualization, we can use the sample code provided by Colab and insert the code snippet into our project. What's more, Colab's services are provided free of charge. By only having a Google account, we can use Colab and create free RDP

The code in Colab is executed on a separate virtual machine VPS, corresponding to the Google account that we have. Because this facility is free, of course, Google makes arrangements or restrictions on the use of Colab. This virtual machine can stall if we are idle for a certain amount of time, and the maximum running Notebook is currently reported for a maximum of 12 hours. However, the duration of use of these virtual machines may vary. For those of you who want to get more benefits from Colab, you can use the paid version of Colab, namely Colab Pro, and of course, the duration you get for free RDP is also unlimited

Resources Offered by Colab

Interestingly, Colab offers a GPU (graphics processing unit) which can also be accessed for free. Currently, the GPU provided by Colab is Nvidia K80s, T4s, P4s, and P100s. For the free version, it is not possible to choose which type of GPU to use. If you want to get more facilities related to GPU, again you are recommended to use Colab Pro and you will get free RDP with GPU too

The memory provided by Colab varies over time but is stable as long as the virtual machine is running. The strategy to set this memory 'allocate' is a strategy from Google so that this free version can still be offered to the wider community. Sometimes we can also be offered more memory if Google concludes that our process needs it. Google doesn't officially announce a policy on how much resources can be given to users, so don't be surprised if the free RDP you make will have different speeds

Resources on Colab are prioritized for those who use the least rations. This is done by Google to avoid the monopoly of resources by a small group of users. To get smoother cloud access, we are advised to close the Colab tab in the browser when finished using it or deselect the GPU if it is not needed in our work. This will reduce the possibility of limiting the use of cloud services on Google.

Install Windows on Google Colab

Can you install Windows on Google Colab? this time will share a tutorial on how to get free RDP windows starting from Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and finally, Windows 11 which runs virtually or you can say VPS on Google Colab.

is this free? yes of course it's free but you can also run the pro version if you want, for the free version itself google Colaboratory provides a maximum of 12 hours of continuous use after 12 hours automatically the VPS you created will be disconnected, but you can restart and get 12 hours free again

Windows that can be run on Google Colab

Windows XP

Advantages of Windows XP

1. Boot performance

Windows XP has a stable speed and ability to boot or run certain applications. With the speed and stability of this performance, Windows XP users can feel a comfortable and interesting experience.

2. Driver support

Windows XP has relatively wide driver support and many from various hardware companies because it is still one of the best-selling Windows. Although for now maybe the developers are starting to switch to Windows 7 and above.

3. Multitasking

Windows XP also has good and stable performance in multitasking or running many activities at the same time so that users can run many applications at once comfortably without worrying about errors.

4. Small system files

In addition to being fast and stable, the system files owned by the Windows XP operating system have a relatively small size and resource usage when compared to today. That's why it's very easy to do multitasking and various other tasks at the same time.

5. GUI is relatively good

Windows XP is the first Windows operating system that has a relatively good GUI interface and is very popular in use, even though it is still in demand by Windows users, both beginners. As a difference, you can also see the GUI that we have discussed in the advantages and disadvantages of Windows Phone.

6. Good app support

Besides being economical, Windows XP also has a lot of free or paid application support that you can use for various things.

7. Plug ‘n Play feature

Windows XP already has a plug 'n play feature that can be used to make it easier to detect and install new hardware without having to go through the installation of a command prompt and the like. Thus new hardware can be directly detected and installed if the driver is available.

Windows 7

Advantages of Windows 7

1. More Stable

The first advantage that has been felt by many users of Desktop devices, namely the stability offered to users. In contrast to Windows 10 where there are still many beta programs run by Microsoft, and also the support is still incomplete.

Although it has been around for a long time, this operating system still gets a lot of periodic updates, and this has become a common thing for application developers. And in contrast to Windows 7 which is really stable and maybe updates are only given to the security system if necessary.

So for problems such as system errors, unable to do certain things, or even dual control features will not be found on W7. Because Microsoft has long been finalizing updates to its newest operating system.

2. Lots of Support and Compatibility

The problem of compatibility itself is also the same, where many application developers still rely on Windows 7 as the main operating system. Some have made adjustments to the latest version of the OS, but some companies have stopped providing support, so it won't work if it doesn't run on W7.

Then for the Driver as well, where the support is very complete. Users will no longer have trouble adjusting the hardware when running the Windows 7 operating system, especially since the laptop/computer device used is still an old version. More comfortable and stable when using W7.

3. Compatible Software Complete

As previously mentioned, the company still needs a long time before releasing applications that are compatible with the new version of the Windows operating system, and it is also possible that the company will not provide updates to its applications.

Usually, this happens in enterprise circles, where users really have to use a stable operating system, as well as applications that must be paired with a pure and fixed OS. There is no longer much development because if an error occurs it will not harm the data and productivity of the workers.

Maybe, for now, several application providers have started to move to develop their services, but not a few are still waiting for Windows 10 to actually be fixed and will no longer experience significant changes in terms of system compatibility and stability, especially.

So this is what makes Windows 7 still a mainstay for some users because indeed applications to support productivity in their work there is still no support for the latest operating system from Microsoft.

4. Complete Multimedia Features

Because it has been through development and improvement for a long time, it is only natural that Windows 7 has very complete multimedia features, all formats can be run smoothly through multimedia applications that are automatically installed on Windows 7 from the first installation, especially for video formats.

Through this complete codec support, users who like and even work in the multimedia world will be very suitable when using this operating system. However, Microsoft also continues to make improvements so that the same thing can be offered on the latest version of the Windows OS.

5. Easier to Use

For some users who have experienced these two operating systems, they will clearly feel the difference. Where in the latest version the control features are still mixed, which sometimes still uses the old display, but settings can also be made in a new view.

Indeed this is beneficial for users who are still in the adjustment stage, but this is clearly ineffective and even burdensome for the operating system to run on the user's Laptop/Computer device. If there is a change, immediately get rid of the old and establish centralized control.

Update Windows 7 Just Connect it With RDP

Windows 8.1

Advantages of Windows 8.1

1. Better Multi-Monitor Features

The advantage of Windows 8 compared to Windows 7 is that the first multi-monitor feature is better. Some of us use more than one monitor for one PC.

However, this requires good desktop management. Now you can open the Start screen on one monitor and the desktop screen on the other. You can even have a different background from one monitor to another

2. Charms. Features

The advantage of Windows 8 compared to the next Windows 7 is the charms feature that Windows 8 has which previously did not exist in Windows 7.

With this feature, you can access the Search, Share, Device, and Settings menus by simply pointing the mouse to the right side of the screen.

3. Search and Social Windows 8

In addition to the Charms feature, the Search menu can also be done in the Start menu as in Windows 7. In Windows 8, you can easily and quickly access social networks, because of the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn applications that are automatically displayed on the display. In fact, you can receive notifications directly from these social networks.

4. Touch Screen Features

The most basic advantage of Windows 8 is the touch screen feature. Actually in Windows 7 already has this feature, it's just not optimal. For that, Windows 8 was created as a complement to the touch screen Windows 7.

For those who don't have a PC with a touch screen feature, you don't need to worry. Because this feature can be operated on a regular PC with the help of a trackpad from Microsoft to be able to detect the touch of the user.

5. Windows 8 Cloud Features

Now, there is a Cloud feature in Windows 8. With this feature, you can sync your data to the Skydrive application. In addition, you can also save your data from or to Skydrive. (ANS)

6. Windows 8 Has ARM Device

The advantage of Windows 8 compared to Windows 7 is that Windows 8 has an ARM Device. If previously Windows only supported PCs with AMD or Intel x86-based processors, now Windows 8 can also be used on some devices that use ARM.

Windows 10

Advantages of Windows 10

1. Modern features

Microsoft always carries a concept that attracts users so that its products are always prestigious and worthy of competitiveness. One of the advantages of Windows 10 is its modern features that are adapted to current trends.

One of the mainstay features of Windows 10 is OneDrive which allows data synchronization programs with the cloud. These Windows 10 settings keep syncing between devices. The advantage of this Windows 10 feature is the always sync concept which is very easy for users to access.

In addition, in the Redstone 5 version update, several new features were launched, including the SwiftKey keyboard for touchscreen PCs and a higher quality screenshot tool. Not only that but there are also other features including Edge browser updates and Windows Mixed Reality, as well as the presence of applications so that Android and Windows 10 devices can cross communications.

2. Suitable for playing games

For gamers, it looks like upgrading your computer to Windows 10 will be the right choice. The reason is, Windows 10 is said to be designed for game fans. The advantages of Windows 10 are equipped with DirectX 12 which is already powerful and optimized for today's hardware.

In addition, Windows 10 is also equipped with Game Mode settings whose function can improve performance when you play games.

3. Safer

Another advantage of Windows 10 is a more sophisticated security system. This is because of the Windows Hello feature, this latest operating system offers a fingerprint or retina scanner to secure the privacy of its users. Plus, Windows 10 can be opened using a Samsung smartphone fingerprint.

Another security system that is no less great is Windows Defender. You no longer have to worry about viruses and malware that might attack.

Windows 11

Advantages of Windows 11

1. Can Run Android Apps

In its release, Microsoft gave a surprise to Windows 11. This new windows operating system can run Android applications without the need for special modifications. This is certainly the first time Microsoft has invested in this capability. Android applications can be found on the Microsoft Store and can also be downloaded via the Amazon App Store. Once downloaded, the android application can be pinned or pinned to the taskbar or paired with other Windows applications.

Microsoft has also been working with Intel to be able to use Intel Bridge technology, and this technology can make Android applications run on x86 systems. Android applications on Windows 11 not only work on Intel CPU-based computers but can also run on AMD and ARM processors.

This is a step taken by Microsoft to be able to keep up with Apple with its M11 chip. The M11 chip is the chip that Apple uses to allow iOS applications to run on the Mac operating system. Meanwhile, Microsoft prefers to cooperate with Apple's main competitor, which is none other than Android.

2. Improvements to Game Play

To support the needs of gamers, Windows 11 has been planted with the Auto HDR feature, this makes the image sharper and more detailed. Microsoft also brought DirectStorage on Windows 11 to speed up game loading.

The good news again, Xbox Game Pass has also been integrated into Windows 11. Because xCloud is included, users can stream games directly through this operating system.

In addition, this latest windows has been accompanied by Xbox Game Pass. It serves as a user grant to access a large number of games on PC as well as games on Xbox Cloud. This feature is integrated directly into the platform and makes access easier. Users can also use cross-play and cross-save capabilities to be able to switch between consoles or PCs and can buy games directly from the Xbox application.

3. Improved Multitasking And Performance

In Windows 11, Microsoft presents a feature called Snap Layouts. This one feature can allow users to enter applications into various modes that are supported by Windows 11 very quickly.

In addition to that, there is also a "Group Snap" feature, which can make it easier for users when they want to multitask by opening and saving several windows or application windows simultaneously.

With these features, Windows 11 is very suitable for use for users who often open applications with more than one monitor, that's because this feature will ensure that applications always open on the correct screen.

Performance on this os is also a big focus. Anyway, Windows 11 has 40% less performance and is more efficient, and can also work in the background, so it won't interfere in the middle of the user's work.

4. More Friendly To Tablets And Touch Screen Devices

Windows 11 has been designed to work on a wide variety of devices, including tablets or notebooks with touchscreens. Because of this, many features have been updated to keep Windows 11 comfortable when used on various devices. Although the tablet mode feature on this OS is removed, Microsoft has replaced it with a more sophisticated one, namely, Windows 11 can intelligently change modes or adapt when installed on certain devices.

One example of a smart adaptation of Windows 11 is when the detachable keyboard is removed from the tablet PC, the icons and menus will automatically change slightly. With this, users will find it easier to operate with their fingers or a stylus without having to set it to the tablet mode position.

5. Upgrade To Windows 11 Free

Now the good news for users who want to upgrade to this latest OS, Microsoft gives it for free or free. For those of you who are currently using Microsoft's older operating system, you can migrate to Windows 11 by updating Windows Update in the settings or you can also download the file and then install it.

Kali Linux

Linux is one type of operating system other than Windows and macOS, where when compared to the two OS, Linux users are still rare because only certain people use Linux OS for their daily needs.

Well in Linux itself also has many variants, one of which is Kali Linux. For those of you who don't understand, the following will discuss the meaning, features, and history of the OS to increase your knowledge. Curious as to what? see the review below.

Understanding Kali

Kali Linux is an operating system based on Debian Linux and developed by a company called Offensive Security. For the appearance of this OS, it is really simple and not too flashy, because it is not surprising that the operation of this OS is quite easy, so it is perfect for you beginners.

Not only available for PC devices, but Kali also has a ROM available on Android devices under the name Kali Nethunter with the same function. Of course, this is very interesting for programmers in the field of Android-based smartphone devices.

How To Get Free Rdp


  • Just start Colab
  • Connect with RDP


  • Start Colab
  • Wait until done
  • Download Nomachine to connect

Update September

In this update, makes a collab that can be directly connected to Windows RDP, but the operating system still uses Ubuntu with an xfce4 graphical interface.

Colab Xfce4 XRDP

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Update September

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