How to Setting Laptop Extend Screen 3 Monitor

How to Setting Laptop Extend Screen - The use of two or more monitors is usually done with a content creator, programmer, and data researcher. This has the aim that they can easily connect various programs at the same time rather than just one monitor.

Because multi-monitor allows one to open a variety of programs to be shown on each monitor. Until there is no need to close or open the program alternately.

However, the setting to use multi-monitor can only work if configured properly. Fortunately, the Windows 10 operating mechanism has several features and settings that provide support for this without the need for 3rd faction software.

Dual Monitor Settings on a PC In Windows

Those who want to use two monitors at the same time on a computer mechanism, we can do this easily.

But, of course, there are important things to prepare beforehand. What are some? Here's one of them:

2 monitors. Free size, if not equal to can.

Monitor cable. Must be different. One DVI one HDMI for example. Because the average VGA port is limited.

Examples of settings that I use, namely:

  • One monitor for A
  • One monitor for B

As for the network, one uses HDMI, and the other uses DVI. Also can use a converter if you want.

The steps for setting up the dual monitor are really easy. Follow these few steps:

  • Connect 2 monitors to the computer.
  • Next, right-click and open Display Settings.
  • Make sure there are two monitors identified. Monitor 1 and Monitor 2.
  • Press Windows key + P.
  • Next, specify Extend.

At this time the appearance of the computer will automatically be halved.

For his appearance, later will be appropriate settings. Basically, the left side of the monitor will display the left monitor and the right side of the screen vice versa.

Display Settings in Monitor Settings

For the display arrangement itself, for those who are confused, you can check the following table of information:

PC Screen Only

The goal is a monitor that is shown only on a special monitor. It's a standard setup


This setting aims to copy the monitor. Thus, both monitors have a similar appearance. For example, I open a program, because that program will appear on both monitors. Generally used for projectors.


This setting makes the appearance so connected. Monitor 1 will concentrate on the appearance of the left side, and the right side of the opposite. The most used setting is this sich.

Second Screen Only

To set the monitor to display on the 2nd monitor. Sich is generally used in laptops when connected to a particular monitor or monitor.

Connect 3 monitors 1 laptop

If above, how to connect 2 monitors on a laptop below, will continue by connecting 3 monitors in 1 laptop, of course, it requires additional tools and additional monitors

3 monitors. Free size, if not equal to can.

  • One monitor for A
  • One monitor for B
  • One monitor for C

Equipment Needed

Utilizing the multi-monitor function of course requires some extra equipment. One of them is more than one monitor.

Of course, this function can only be used for those of you who have an extra monitor at home or in the office.

The next must-have tool for using more than one monitor is the connector tool.

Connector cables such as splitters are useful for connecting multiple monitors to the main PC.

Cables that are often encountered are HDMI and VGA types.

Not only connector cables and additional monitors, but you also have to make sure that the USB port on the monitor matches the computer.

To deal with inappropriate connectors, you can use an adapter or converter that is capable of connecting the two.

The next equipment needed is USB to VGA.

So what needs to be prepared to connect 3 monitors at once in 1 laptop are:

VGA Connector

HDMI connector

USB converter to VGA / HDMI

Setting Laptop Extend Screen 3 Monitor

How to make a multi-monitor computer is quite easy to do. Monitors used must have the same resolution and have DVI and Display Ports. Sometimes if the screen resolution is different it will hang on the laptop or PC.

After the equipment needed is complete, the next step is to pair 3 monitors with 1 Laptop.

The first thing to do for How to Make a Multi-Monitor Computer is to make sure all the monitors are connected with the connector cable.

If the port on the monitor does not match as described previously, you can install an adapter or converter. Next, connect all monitors

  • Connect monitor A to VGA port
  • Connect monitor B to the HDMI port
  • Connect monitor C to the converter's USB port to VGA / HDMI

Additional Monitor Benefits

Before discussing how to install a monitor, we will first discuss the benefits of using an additional monitor on a laptop.

Be more productive by opening and running several programs at once

A more immersive gaming experience

Make it easier to organize your desktop

Wider Vision for Detailed Programs

Special benefits for multimedia processing computer users, generally require a special monitor with reliable resolution and color formation.

The laptop monitor was destroyed, making it unusable without the contribution of an additional monitor.

If any of the benefits of that extra monitor you might need in your daily activities, then you can move on to how to install an additional monitor to take advantage of that!


How to Setting Laptop Extend Screen 3 Monitor, By using an additional monitor, you can work more productively or 'patch' the damage to your laptop monitor, so you can still work well.

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