Dvorak Layout Keyboard

The DVORAK keyboard is one of the many types of keyboards in the world. This type of keyboard has a design that if you pay attention to it, gives more work to the right hand than the left hand.

In addition, this keyboard is designed to be able to reduce the fatigue that is felt when using a qwerty keyboard. In the following, we will invite you to find out what the history behind the formation of the DVORAK keyboard is like.

Dvorak Layout Keyboard

Dvorak History Keyboard

In 1932, there was a psychiatrist and professor in the teaching department whose name was Doctor August Dvorak who made a keyboard layout. He made the keyboard based on the results of research and research that he had been working on for a long time.

The research that has been done is by watching the speed of a person's hand when writing, pointing the fingers, or the letters used. The research was conducted to determine the level of effectiveness when writing using a Qwerty keyboard.

Based on the research that has been done, Doctor August Dvorak has succeeded in making a keyboard design that is claimed to be able to fix a person's activities. Many things are claimed to be an increase from writing activities on a Qwerty keyboard. One of them is to reduce the fatigue that is felt when using a Qwerty keyboard. Fatigue is claimed to come from the distance of some ineffective keyboard keys.

In addition, the DVORAK keyboard is claimed to be able to equalize the movement of the left or right fingers so that it can be more even. Furthermore, the arrival of the DVORAK keyboard is expected to increase accuracy and speed when writing.

It can be said that a keyboard made by doing deep research will be able to provide comfort when someone has to write for a long time.

On the following basis, Dvorak then brought the results of the layout that he had designed to be mass-produced. However, the immunity of some users who have been trained to use a Qwerty keyboard must bite their fingers because the keyboard design that is brought is rejected.

Then in 1936, Doctor August Dvorak again attracted attention through his book entitled "Types of Writing Behavior". However, the steps that have been taken by Dvorak have not been successful in changing the eyes of the audience.

In the end, in 1975 Dvorak died leaving behind his legacy. He left behind a popular quote which was "I'm tired of trying to do something of value to humanity, they just don't want to be different".

7 years after leaving Dvorak, to be exact in 1982 ANSI, or the American National Standards Institute introduced and used the Dvorak keyboard officially on their system. This was carried out as one of the steps to reward the services and inventions left by Dvorak.

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