Free Vps Games With Gpu 32gb Ram

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Dedicated Game Servers

Best performance for video games

The Game dedicated server range stands out for the performance it offers to video game creators and hosting providers for streaming platforms.

Based on a 3rd generation AMD Ryzen platform, these servers are specially designed to offer users an unmatched gaming experience. So gamers can enjoy their favorite games without limitations of performance or stability. In addition, we are constantly optimizing our DDoS protection system to accommodate the latest games.

Advantages of Game servers

Anti-DDoS Game

The anti-DDoS Game solution, included in all our dedicated Game servers, is the most efficient and robust on the market. With the mission of preventing service outages, this anti-DDoS solution is different from classic systems, as it controls incoming and outgoing flows, making it ideal for UDP (the protocol used for video, audio, and video games). In addition, it allows you to apply specific profiles for each game to further improve protection and, in the event of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, prevent players from noticing it.

The security of smooth gameplay

Our gaming servers enjoy a bandwidth of up to 1 Gb / s to handle flows without affecting the availability of services. Our data centers around the world allow you to locate your server as close to the players as possible so that they enjoy the lowest possible latency. With its power and affordable price, it is the ideal solution for professional resellers and game publishers.

Power at the service of videogames

The latest generation of AMD Ryzen processors, based on the Zen 2 architecture, incorporates architecture changes that translate into better performance. At OVHcloud we can put the full power of these processors at your disposal thanks to liquid cooling, which ensures constant optimal performance. Thus, with this 3rd generation Ryzen processor, you will get up to 30% higher performance compared to previous generations of processors.

What Game Can I Run

The cloud gaming computer makes it possible to choose any games to download. After starting the cloud gaming PC, you can download a game from any store like Steam, EPIC, Origin, or any torrent tracker. If you have previously purchased a game from these sites, you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT A SECOND TIME.

The cloud computer has an internet connection and at 1 Gbps, the download will be fast. In addition, we have specific licensed games pre-installed on certain gaming computers. If you want to PLAY NOW, this is your best option.

How to get free VPS

For this time will share free VPS or free RDP to play games online with fairly high specifications

  • Windows 10
  • 500GB hard drive
  • 32GB ram
  • Nvidia grid RTX 6000

How to get it is very easy, first visit the link below then follow the video tutorial, of course, this free VPS has a time limit of 1 hour, but you can repeat it with a new email

Download app

Temporary email

How to Start playing

Follow a few simple steps:

  • Install the application on your device
  • Create an account;
  • Activate your Free period or buy a specific bundle
  • Launch your cloud computer and start playing is not responsible for this tutorial
This tutorial is only for education

Video Tutorial

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